Statement: January 10, 2011

Art is the same thing it was for me when I was little. I remember drawing stars, little yellow dots with a pale yellow mist around them, different sizes and this large wild shape underneath it that may have been a galaxy. Making artwork is a magical thing, it allows you a direct connection to an idea. Add the variation within all the different materials to work with, and their unique characteristics, and the experience of giving your idea a form is incredible.

For me, an artwork is a still moment, as alive as when it first happened. Over the past few years after graduating college I have gotten the opportunity to travel and make artwork. I found that it doesn’t matter where you are, or what you are drawing. Things are happening all the time. I incorporate sounds into my work, the tone of a conversation, or the comfort of an Italian coffee into what I am doing. It can be a shitty drawing, but as soon as I look at it I can remember the expression of the little kid that sat next to me while I finished it.

Artworks develop conversation, they connect people to an emotion or a place, and they can inspire others. Out of all the ways I spend time, I feel that I am reaching my potential when I am pushing myself to improve as an artist.


Scribe the Planet!

~Adam Schechter